“The challenge for me is to honestly sculpt what I know to be true... to put my feelings into tangible form. Then, hopefully, this will touch a universal chord and be meaningful to others.”

Willow Tree Sneak Peek

Coming in June

Willow Tree 2017 Ornament

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“It's so rewarding for me to read your stories! They're moving, funny, amazing. Your personal interpretations bring refreshing new life and rich layers of discovery to each piece.”

Juls Swayze

Las Vegas, NV

A few years ago for my birthday, our office staff all chipped in to get me a couple of new Willow Trees, my husband closed the office so they could all take me to lunch...

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Wolverhampton, England

My husband bought me this piece for my 65th birthday, yesterday. He said he bought it because he noticed how everyone loves to be around me....

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