Our Resident Artists

Ken White

Ken White, a Master Carver, showed an interest in the arts at a very early age. He has spent his life learning lost and forgotten arts, such as knapping flint for arrowheads, scrimshaw, dog sledding and falconry. After living among the Inuit people of Labrador, a far northern providence in Canada, and experiencing the Florida everglades for a time, Ken finally settling in the mountains of Montana where his close relationship with nature is reflected in his masterful woodcarvings.



Judy Kreitinger

Judy Kreitinger came to Montana at the age of 17 and feel in love with the beauty and grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. Traveling with her husband to Alaska, Judy learned the Yupik Eskimo traditions of basket-weaving, trapping and sewing furs. This unique experience enhanced her appreciation for working with natural materials. Judy had the privilege to study under the internationally known, world-class waterfowl carver and artist Patrick Godin. She has mastered the skills of studying hues found in nature and recreating those colors with many different mediums and techniques. It is her talent as a painter and her panchromatic sense that makes her woodcarvings come alive.


Our Contributing Artists


Vanessa Lambert and Caroline Lambert-Mimnaugh are sisters born into a long line of painters, photographers and musicians. Vanessa has spent her entire life as an artist, working in a variety of media including watercolor, pen/ink, brush/ink, graphite, print making and most recently metal and jewelry design. Caroline works in graphite and watercolor mediums while designing home accents and dinnerware. She is also the creative inspiration behind ibreakstrings jewelry—jewelry made from the recycled guitar strings of Canadian singer songwriter “Wil” (ibreakstrings.com). As partners in Brushwerks Art Studio, Caroline and Vanessa hand produce wildlife and western theme home accents and tablewares.


Denver Bryan

Denver Bryan is an internationally published photographer whose work has won numerous national awards, as well as appeared on the cover of over 500 magazines, including NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Denver’s images have been published in many books and graced the pages of such magazines as SMITHSONIAN, FIELD & STREAM, TIME, NEWSWEEK, and many others. Originally a wildlife biologist, Denver has photographed the wildlife of North America extensively and captured images of Africa’s most “dangerous game.”



Dean Crouser

Dean Crouser was born and raised in Oregon, where summers were spent camping and fishing on the foothills of Mt. Hood, the Columbia River Gorge and the Central Oregon High Lakes. This adventuresome childhood fostered a love of fishing, camping and the great outdoors that can be found in the expressions of Dean's art. When it comes to painting, Dean strives to say the most with the least, keeping his work fast and spontaneous. His goal is to capture the beauty and simplicity of a scene that everyone can relate to.



Phyllis Driscoll

Phyllis Driscoll's fascination with clay started as a young girl, digging it from a neighborhood creek. Since then, the desire to give life to her ideas and to watch her characters emerge and grow has sustained her through a variety of jobs and the raising of her children. With no formal art training, it has turned into a full-time career and a lifetime dream. Phyllis hopes that her work puts a smile on the face of her audience and offers them a break from reality, just as working with clay has done for her. She is encouraged and inspired by her family, human and otherwise, and by the natural beauty of living in Montana.


John Eriksson

John Eriksson is a nationally-recognized and award winning photographer whose images have appeared on the cover of numerous magazines including OUTDOOR LIFE, SPORTS AFIELD, DEER & DEER HUNTING, and BOWHUNTER magazine. John worked for the University of Wisconsin for many years as captain of a research boat on Lake Michigan, before turning to photography for recreation and employment. Today, John spends nine months of the year traveling across North America photographing wildlife and enjoying the great outdoors.


Kathy Fincher

Kathy Fincher loves to tell a story, whether through painting, writing or public speaking. What better way than through the face of a child? Kathy combines a discipline of classical art training with the freedom of impressionism to create her own style of “inspirational realism.” Kathy’s sculpture designs capture the endearing relationship of children and their horses.



Jeff Fleming

Jeff Fleming grew up surrounded by wilderness and wildlife. An avid outdoorsman, he and his family enjoy all the adventure Montana has to offer. He gains great inspiration for his whimsical bear wood carvings from his family’s many outdoor adventures and the special moments shared with family and friends in the Great Outdoors. Jeff’s original and commissioned woodcarvings have been shipped around the world and can be found in many private and corporate collections, most National Parks and Disney World.



Jim Marcotte & Ronnie Walter

Jim Marcotte and Ronnie Walter are a successful husband and wife product development team and the creative force behind the Life Is Country® Collection. When they first met, Ronnie was living on a 10 acre patch in central Minnesota, and they soon moved to 15 acres of beautiful oak and pine woods outside of St. Paul. One January night when it was 10 below outside they looked at each other and said “Florida?” which is where they now live. They believe that country is a state of mind, and whether you live in the country, a small town or even in the city, if you're country at heart you take pride in your heritage, your family, your work, and maybe most importantly - you can always find the humor in all of those!


Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson is a Minnesota native who now calls Montana home. His day job is that of a pilot for a major airline but his passion for outdoor photography has filled much of his free time for the past decade. Mark is particularly drawn to Alaska where he frequently travels to fly fish and photograph the natural beauty of this state. His images have appeared in numerous magazines and calendars.



Loyd & Laura Meissenburg

Loyd, a one-time surfer and cartoonist from California, was inspired by his own collection of vintage ephemera to start crafting his own period-style signs for nearly every category, from automotive to lodge to beach. He made his “best business decision ever” by marrying his business partner of over 20 years, Laura, and she remains an important source of inspiration, creativity and support in their endeavors. Loyd and Laura’s nature and vintage-inspired signs, incorporated into custom furniture pieces, add conversation value and distinction to outdoor décor.



Bruce Pitcher

Bruce Pitcher has been creating beautiful images of the Gallatin Valley and surrounding communities for over 41 years. A graduate of Montana State University Film & TV Department, with a degree in still photography, Bruce spends his days doing what he loves, capturing outdoor scenes and memories through his business, Bruce Pitcher Photography.

Bruce has been published in National Wildlife, Wyoming Wildlife, Utah Fish & Game, Professional Photographers of America, Big Sky Journal, as well as numerous other magazines, and books. His passion for wildlife has had an ever-lasting affect on his love of the outdoors.



David Stoecklein

David Stoecklein launched his photographic career taking lifestyle shots of skiing, fishing, hiking and biking. It was not long, however, before he turned his lens to his neighbors on the great ranches of the West. David’s fascination with the ranching heritage of the American West led him to befriend, and subsequently photograph, the men and women still breathing life into the mythical figure of the cowboy and the western life.



Drew Stoecklein

Drew Stoecklein grew up in the rugged mountains of Idaho instilling his passion for the outdoors and photography. Over the past 10 years, Drew has traveled around the globe for commercial and editorial clients, working both behind the lens as a photographer and in front as a professional skier.

His first book, Seasons of the Steelhead, received the coveted Best Book of the Year Award by the American Fly fishing Trade Association. He currently lives in Montana where he pursues his passion for taking photos under the big sky.



Diane Whitehead

Diane Whitehead has loved animals since she was young. After many years in the business world, she followed her heart and began painting the things she loves most. Diane loves to travel, spend time at her cabin in Montana, and visit State Parks to photograph the wildlife she artfully brings to life through her strong brushstrokes and bold use of color.