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No matter the vintage we share Maybe it's new or maybe it's rare. We toast to good blessings that be. Here's to you and here's to me!
A light outdoor repast Is sure to be enchanting As our delicate guests intrigue With their wings a fluttering
Snowflakes gently float to land So silent, soft & cool On my outstretched hand.
Let go of the hectic And the rat race pace. No need to complicate. Life is simple as we make it.
When big bear returns to the den, He is met with excited greetings From little cubs bursting with energy. And he says"It is great to be home again!"
Oh mug of java! Oh cup of joe! Caffeinated with all that "get-up-and-go". I'm really quite grizzly, I have to agree. I'm a real big bear before my morning coffee.
Little bear, little bear You are so sweet and oh so dear. Everyday I watch with wonder At every new thing you discover.
In the wild woods one day, I spied two bears a traveling. One mama bear going who knows where And riding bearback was her cub.
Showing 1 - 12 items